Providing long lasting punches for 1st and 2nd operation processes which are so accurate they require less time to make ready and therefore reduce downtime.

Unmatched Durability

Designed to withstand the rigours of aerospace applications, these 1st and 2nd heading punches offer outstanding productivity and accuracy. Whether it's low or high-volume production, our punches stand resilient, ensuring reliability in every fastener made and our innovative materials give extended productive life.

Beyond Standard Manufacturing

Because our aerospace fastener heading punches last longer, there are fewer changeovers required meaning less machine time lost and a more seamless production of fasteners from start to finish

Bowers and Freeman

We are here to help you

Our excellent customer service ensures rapid turnaround of orders without losing any of the attention to detail that has helped us gain our reputation. Our highly experienced staff will always do their utmost to help resolve any technical issues and offer high level technical expertise.

Through our work with Sheffield Hallam University, the premier academic institution for engineering studies, we are always at the forefront of current thinking and ensure that this knowledge is available to our customers.

We offer a rapid turnaround of orders at no premium and can hold partially or fully completed stock items for customer call off for high volume items.

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Second header punches Second header punches
Second header punches
First header punches

Aerospace Fasteners

First and Second Process Punches

Special processes ensure excellent character definition giving very clear detail on the fastener while the surface can be tailored to standard smooth, coarse or polished finishes.

Through extensive research and development we have developed second process punches which will produce ten times more fasteners than comparative punches. The extended punch life reduces set up costs and increases production capability for our customers.
Further innovation has resulted in a new punch to produce fasteners with a non-patented screwdriver recess. This unique, patented process allows smaller quantities of punches to be produced cost-effectively.

Aerospace Fasteners

Rapid despatch of orders

We also produce first process heading punches, wafers, fillet rolls, torque punches and other components to the same premium standard.

In most cases, we can dispatch orders rapidly yet with the high standard of production that the market has come to expect from us.

Aerospace Fasteners

Engineering Solutions

Our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and excellence includes adhering to stringent industry standards.  Whether in commercial aviation, defence or space exploration, our heading punches and stamps can create a diverse range of aerospace fasteners. With proven precision engineering expertise at our core, we don’t just manufacture heading punches and stamps; we engineer solutions that steer the aerospace sector into the future.

Aerospace Fasteners

Innovation for tomorrow's aerospace

As we pioneer solutions for today’s challenges, our aerospace punches serve as a testament to innovation. We understand that the aerospace industry is ever-evolving, and our commitment is to provide catalysts for advancement. From reducing setup times to enhancing overall efficiency, Bowers & Freeman is shaping the future of aerospace fastener engineering.

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