Our closely engineered bottle tools produce the capability to decorate and inflate the bottle at the same time.


Coding boxes for hot stamping food and pharmaceutical packaging

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Steel cutters for hospitality products
Steel cutters for hospitality products
Scalloped edge steel cutters for hospitality products


Precision engineering parts and CNC tooling for a variety of uses.

Our products are accurate and need minimal adjustment in production saving our customers time and therefore costs.

Our expertise in creating holding jigs for small and large components, used when being printed with our metal and silicone rubber dies, has enabled our end users to simplify set up procedures,  reduce waste and minimise downtime.  From compacts to fan covers, vacuum cleaners to washing machine doors and wheelie bins to car engine covers – we rarely say it is not possible.

Our premium hardened steel multi-image cutters are especially designed for the production of tissue products.  These can be manufactured with both cutting and sealing edges if required, in a variety of shapes and sizes for use alone or with interchangeable magnesium and copper inserts.

Tooling & Precision Engineered Parts

Exclusive, patented locking mechanism

Recent developments in training and software means that along with our existing coding wheels and coining rings we can also supply rotary marking dies and wheels as well as rotary cutting dies.

Our unique engraved data boxes have been especially designed for the hot stamping of variable data (date, price and code information) on food packaging and pharmaceutical products. They provide a sturdy and efficient method of easily changeable hot foil printed and embossed data applications. The Bowers & Freeman exclusive, patented locking mechanism enables the rapid change of details yet secures the wheels accurately during production. The character layout gives minimum space between characters engraved 1.5-6mm high, for maximum print within a restricted area.

Tooling and Precision Engineered Parts

Tooling & Precision Engineered Parts

Holographic Foil Stamping die

Our holographic foil stamping die enables us to use a hot foil stamp to transfer a holographic effect onto the flat or curved plastic components using plain foil. This finish can transform an ordinary plastic component using next-level decoration techniques for less than the normal outlay for holographic foil.

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For the highest quality products providing accuracy and longevity for hot foil printing of plastic decoration, pharmaceutical and food packaging and aerospace.

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