For accurate and clear hot foil printing of data onto cardboard, plastic or foil for a wide variety of machines.


Clear print is essential on foil packets for pharmaceutical products. Our hardened steel type is engineered to be hard wearing and precise for both Print On and Print Through orientations.


For printing batch codes and reference numbers onto cosmetic pencils, our type, wordblocks and inserts work with our precison brass dies.

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Our excellent customer service ensures rapid turnaround of orders without losing any of the attention to detail that has helped us gain our reputation. Our highly experienced staff will always do their utmost to help resolve any technical issues and offer high level technical expertise.

We offer a rapid turnaround of orders at no premium and can hold partially or fully completed stock items for customer call off for high volume items.

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Steel packaging type
Printmaster type holder
Steel type


Whether it is to match an existing sample or be the start of an entirely new set up

We can supply the highest quality of type and wordblocks for discerning customers to work with.

Type and wordblocks for direct printing and embossing can be manufactured for all types of blister, carton and tube filling machines.

We also supply typeholders for many varieties of hot foil printing machine including Allen, Open Date and Metronic.

Our precision engraving gives longer lasting type and wordblocks to provide a clear print or mark onto card, foil blister packs and plastic cables.  All products are finished by hand to give superior print definition and provide the added touch of craftsmanship so rare in modern manufacturing.

Type and worblocks

Low minimum order requirements and bespoke formulation of fonts to suit individual needs

From standard straight, L and T shapes to complex radial characters cut from a ring, we supply the highest quality and most precise blocks engraved with both standard and complex characters. Also available are flat and curved type and wordblocks for touch dry hot ink printers and characters for printing onto curved cables.

Our engraved brass type for hot foil printing or embossing onto leather products is produced entirely by hand. Unlike many other manufacturers, we tailor each 100 piece typeset to the customer’s own requirements including punctuation. We can also supply type engraved with symbols or small designs.

Type and Word Block | Brass Embossing Dies
Type and wordblocks

Type and worblocks

Meticulously engineered for various packaging machines

Using cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise, we manufacture brass and steel type and wordblocks, steel and brass stamps, metal dies (including brass dies), and steel and brass embossing dies that can be used with most types of packaging machines. Our products are meticulously engineered for various packaging machines, ensuring precision, quality, and efficiency in every order – be it large-scale or small-volume. Specialising in hot foil and embossing applications, each character we produce is expertly crafted to withstand the rigours of a production environment. For timeless excellence and unparalleled performance in your operations, trust Bowers and Freeman.

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For the highest quality products providing accuracy and longevity for hot foil printing of plastic decoration, pharmaceutical and food packaging and aerospace.

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  • For quality heading punches, stamps and precision parts for aerospace
  • Minimum order quantities are much smaller than the industry average for type and wordblocks
  • Explore the possibilities offered by hot foil printing onto new materials

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