Our silicone rubber dies produce a high quality print and are very accurate resulting in fewer replacements and therefore less downtime. Our patented silicone rubber dies for special effects enables a holographic effect to be printed using plain foil. This is available for printing cardboard or paper but we are the first to be able to offer it on a curved or plastic surface. This effect can also be used to provide a matt effect when a gloss finish is not acceptable.

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Special effects using plain foil
Special effects using plain foil
Special effects using plain foil


Accurate and long-lasting silicone rubber dies for hot foil printing plastic components.

We have a range of different silicone rubber formulations providing varying shore hardness and properties of rubber which can also be combined to provide bespoke solutions to difficult projects. Additional engineering modifications added to dies to assist with locating them with the component and providing an exceptionally accurate print.

The print face profile of our dies can be shaped to match the curvature of a moulding and the aluminium backing core is profiled to give consistent heat transfer. Aluminium backings can often be re-used to save cost and help to protect the environment. 

An innovative development enables our dies to be formed to eliminate air entrapment during the printing of any solid areas within a design.

These dies are suitable for use on all sizes of components from a small mascara tube to a large car engine cover.  

We also supply silicone rubber covered wheels and rollers to apply foil or transfer film to components.

For those special effects onto plastic components using standard plain foil

Standard silicone rubber dies are generally used with plain foil however our unique in-house design can produce a previously unattainable reflective, holographic style effect without the use of special foil.

Using the latest computerised technology, this exclusive production method uses standard metallic hot foil on rigid plastics. Uniquely, curved or flat surfaces may be printed making the process ideal for the decoration of cosmetics and luxury packaging.

Our precision engineering experts can print either a complete holographic style of pattern or incorporate smaller areas with text.

When used with transfer film, this exclusive process produces a range of outstanding visual and tactile effects.

Silicone Rubber Dies For Special Effects


For more bespoke products, we can make specific sizes of silicone rubber pads to suit your needs

With varying thicknesses of aluminium bonded onto different thicknesses and shore hardness of silicone rubber, our 300 x 300mm sheets are widely used to create squares, pads or other shapes for printing and padding for tooling or support fixtures.  Moulded to provide a smooth and flat surface, the minimum thickness of aluminium we offer is 1mm.

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For the highest quality products providing accuracy and longevity for hot foil printing of plastic decoration, pharmaceutical and food packaging and aerospace.

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