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For the marking of wooden and plastic items for decoration and/or identification

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Voltage controller
Electric branding iron
Electric branding iron

Branding Irons

For a creative and practical way to permanently transfer a design or identifying information onto wood, plastic or food.

We supply electrically heated branding irons in a wide variety of sizes from 12mm x 12mm up to a maximum of 350 x 80mm and fire-heated branding irons up to a maximum size of 100 x 100mm.

The fire-heated irons are made of steel which is engraved with the image to be branded and heated up using an external flame. Electric branding irons are plugged into a standard UK electric socket and allowed to heat up before use.  These irons are fitted with a brass die engraved with each design. Brass dies can be interchangeable to allow more than one die to be used on the same electric iron thus providing our customers with a saving.

Branding Irons

For printing wood and plastic

When branding delicate materials or those with low melting point such as plastic or rubber, a voltage controller (variable rheostat) should be used to reduce the heat output to the die. This prevents melting and burning of the material.

Trials should be carried out to establish the most effective temperature for branding. The dwell time (the time the die is left in contact with the material) will also affect the marking. Light pressure on the surface is required and excessive force should be avoided.Due to the lack of control over usage there is no manufacturer’s guarantee for these branding irons. Replacement elements can be ordered.

branding stamp | Bowers & Freeman
branding stamp

Branding Irons

What we need to know before manufacture

We recommend that designs are simple and clear. Lettering should be a minimum of 3mm high and lines a minimum thickness of 1mm. All files should be supplied as you want them to look ie black on white, right reading.

What we need to know: What material do you wish to brand? Do you have access to mains power?

What size of brand do you want? What design is required? We need see artwork which needs to be created to Outlines in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw for manufacturing purposes

Branding Irons

Customisable branding irons

With customisable branding irons, you can unleash your creativity and leave a lasting impression on your products. Whether you’re marking your handcrafted creations, stepping into the world of food branding, or adding a personal touch to corporate gifts, our branding irons deliver crisp, professional results every time. Enhance your brand’s visibility and create a lasting impression with your clients through our custom-designed branding stamps today.

Branding Irons

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For the highest quality products providing accuracy and longevity for hot foil printing of plastic decoration, pharmaceutical and food packaging and aerospace.

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